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The Radio Robins Team

The Perfect Blend of Youth & Experience!!!

Welcome to the Radio Robins team. At the present moment in time we have six commentators and a technical support specialist.

There are two commentators for each game, therefore you can expect to hear each of our individual dulcet tones once in every three games!

Just like Lee Sinnott and Neil Tolson , we are striving to get that fine balance of youthful exhuberance and seasoned experience and with two teenagers and a couple of ‘fifty somethings’, we think that we have probably achieved that!!!!

So, let’s get on with the introductions:-

Jonny Keen


18 years old and has been following Alty, home and away, for the last 3 years. Jonny can normally be found in the main stand or popular side and has more hair than the rest of the team put together!! Fanatical about all things Alty and enjoys doing the commentary. On the fans forum he is NickyClee’sClickyKnee and Jonny’s favourite player is Nicky Clee.

Paul Burton


Paul ,our technical guru, has been an Alty fan since 1976 and was a season ticket holder and a regular away supporter too for many years. He lives in Warrington and work and family dictates that he doesn’t get to many games these days, but still follows the Robins as keenly as ever! Paul played an instrumental role in launching Radio Robins and has to be wrapped in cotton wool on match days, as we currently have nobody on the ‘technical substitutes’ bench.

Forum pseudonym: PaulClementsLaments

Simon Ellis


Simon’s first Alty game was courtesy of free tickets from Altrincham Grammar School and he has followed the Robins for the last 27 years, spending most of it singing, shouting and moaning from the Golf Road End. He is proud to have watched the team play at some of the ex-league clubs over the past few years, however still prefers wet tuesday night away games in the Unibond, such as Whitby, Spennymoor or Frickley.  Having not lived in Altrincham for 20 years, Simon appreciates what Radio Robins can do for the relocated fan. Simon is ‘ToffApple’ on the forum.

Paul Salt


Paul……..(S)alty on the fans forum, is the senior member of the Radio Robins commentary team at 53 years of age ! A former Season Ticket holder at Old Trafford, he has taken a more active interest in watching Altrincham FC since his home town team Great Harwood Town ceased to exist in 2006. A keen 16 handicap golfer, and current Vice Captain at Heyrose Golf Club, he lists his Radio Robins highlight as covering the ultimately unsuccessful second half comeback against  Eastbourne in the final match of last season.

Anthony Chetham


Anthony……generally known as Tony……is an avid sports follower and has played Football, Golf and Cricket. He lives about a mile away from Moss Lane and has followed the club all his life. Tony covered a couple of games last season and made his away commentating debut at Harrogate last Saturday. Tony earns his living selling goods on ebay and is ‘altytony’ on the fans forum.

Jack Jolly


Jack has followed Alty since the end of 2006 and over the past two years gone to all home and the majority of away games. Part of the next generation of young fans, he can be found in the Golf Road End, and at away games with a lot of flags, balloons and confetti! Known as ‘bumble’ and ‘cibum’ on the fans forum. Worcester City at home is a big game in Jack’s diary as he will be able to……legally…..have a pint in the Noel White Suite!!

Brian Flynn


Brian’s first experience of watching the Robins, was a Cheshire League game against Ellesmere Port in 1967 and he has followed the team, home & away for almost forty years. Brian has run Altrincham ClubCall since 1989 and carries out the Press & Media Officer role with John Edwards.

Believed to be ‘Brian Flynn’ on the fans forum!!!!!!!!

That’s our team, but we are always on the look out for new talent. If you would like to volunteer and feel you can do better than our current crew then contact Brian Flynn at